Join us on Tuesday, 5/7/19

Join us on Tuesday, 5/7/19
@ 8:00 AM

The Coffee Joint in Cornish is opening on their day off, just for us, AND we will have a special presentation by Kristi from Bangor Savings Bank, in Cornish.

Hello Sacopee Valley professionals,

WOW!! I was overwhelmed. Our first meeting of the year was awesome. So many of you came out to network and stretch your entrepreneurial legs after a long winter’s nap. Thank you! It is such a pleasure to network with you all.

Sacopee Valley Professional NetworkingSacopee Valley House of Pizza served up some yummy breakfast and were great sports about us rearranging their dining room. There was a pop-quiz where we all learned a little bit about our elevator pitch, each other, and of course, we had a few laughs.

Our next meeting will be at the Coffee Joint on Tuesday (yes, THIS Tuesday), 5/7, at 8 AM. Dan and Margaret are opening on their day off, just for us! Kristi from Bangor Savings Bank will be presenting to the group, and there will be prizes!

So, bring your business cards, and your networking attitude and let’s all grow our businesses together!

Remember, we meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 8AM. Location is always changing! We like to keep it fresh. 🙂

See you there!

~ Cristina

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